alessandra grimoldi stylist leather jacket

Alessandra Grimoldi, always connected to the world of fashion, showed her interest in fashion from a very young age by attending stylistic workshops for high-end brands, growing up between Milan, Rome, and Florence.

Alessandra, with her determined character, embraces the philosophy of always believing in something, which is why for her professional path in the world of fashion, she initially decided to embark on her entrepreneurial journey by opening a store, exclusively featuring luxury brands, first in Rome and later in Milan.

Each collection by Alessandra tells her story, her travels, her way of living, encapsulating her values, emotions, and memories, where each individual piece carries its essence. Her vision of fashion is art, creativity, madness, fun, inventiveness, and a desire to communicate.

With Alessandra Grimoldi, a new concept of fashion and luxury is born, where craftsmanship discovers new frontiers and where each meticulously crafted piece, down to the smallest detail, is both "easy so much", to be worn both day and night.

In the world of stylist Grimoldi, stereotypes fall away, and everything is seen in a new light. Her unique and personal style dresses an international woman, one that is sexy and versatile, who loves to express her femininity with seduction, provocation, sensuality, and elegance. The man, on the other hand, is street-savvy, cosmopolitan, and appreciates quality, authenticity, and the search for precious and high-performance materials.

Of all the collections by Alessandra Grimoldi, the undeniable "must-have" is the biker jacket, a staple that fits like a glove, almost like a second skin, projecting the wearer into a reality of luxury, precious moments experienced, and moments yet to live.

After creating and launching various brands, particularly in leather goods, Alessandra Grimoldi's collections quickly became successful cult pieces, worn by international figures in entertainment and sports.